Remembering Harry Fletcher - Jewish Chronicle (January 22 2020)

Reflections on the campaigner and old-fashioned trade unionist who tried to steer Labour away from hate. 


Politicians could help young people into creative jobs - The Guardian (November 19 2019)

If we can link up jobcentres with the creative industries – and boost diversity - then why can’t politicians?  

The Labour whistleblowers will be vindicated - Jewish Chronicle (November 14 2019)

Those who spoke out against antisemitism in their party will immediately identify with Iraq War whistleblower Katharine Gun 

How to rethink whistleblowing for today's post-truth world - Time (October 19 2019)

The mythology of the whistleblower is built upon the idea  that these are either exceptionally moral individuals or crazy,  narcissistic loners. Sometimes both. We need to normalise truth-telling.

The British spy who tried to stop the Iraq war - Guardian podcast (September 23 2019)

In the weeks leading up to the war in Iraq, Katharine Gun exposed a US  plot to spy on the UN in leaks published in the Observer. She joins former Observer journalist Martin Bright to tell their story ahead of a forthcoming Hollywood adaptation. 

The UK whistleblower who almost stopped the Iraq invasion - Democracy Now (July 19 2019)

Katharine Gun’s incredible story is depicted in the new film “Official Secrets,” which premieres in the U.S. August 30. We speak with Katharine Gun; the British journalists who reported on Gun’s revelations in The Observer newspaper, Martin Bright and Ed Vulliamy; and Gavin Hood, director of “Official Secrets.”